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as LES OISEAUX : last session with Loïc

with Mat Ward No Mates Ensemble on piano : « The piano is with minimal with gently repeating phrase and soft suspended chords, some of this was because of the piano’s condition which prevented too much volume range but mostly i think it suits the piece. It varies between being on beat and syncopation depending on what I thought best emphasised the narrative. Including are three versions : clean piano, reverb added
distortion/low pass filter added. They are also included as solo tracks if u would like to play and re-mix/alter them. I have left the mixing very raw ( room sounds etc/dub marks ) as again i think it suited the feeling of the original piece you sent me. » (MWNME 15.july.2019)

with Edoardo Dottilio Pistolesi/ Edo Pisto Somi

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