LA VITA NOVA a project for a film and two albums

With the label SOUNDS FROM THE CORRIDOR from Detroit we conceived the idea to release a film together with two soundtracks/albums, a project of mine and a big collective action

You can buy the album and get the film or viceversa, enjoy those pearls d’écran 2019-03-18 à 16.51.32

about the albums:

« La Vita Nova » by Simone Santarsiero/ UZBAZUR is the most appropriate soundtrack of my film, made express for it, wonderful dark-ambient sound

THe album COME TODAY, fruit of the collaboration between my songs from Dante Alighieri’s sonnets from La Vita Nova (1295), the music of Wilfried Hanrath and the contemporary sample work by Klaus Siepmann/ ANONYMOUS MASSES

This is an encountering of peaceful energetic forces in the name of love, declined along all names of love, precious

more on the site, thanks to Adrian Nicholls for the site design and cover graphics



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