absolute love album


Antonella Eye PorcelluzziPARACHUTESSongs by Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi 20201.AirplanesFlying in theBlue sky they launchFlowersFalling down flowersFlying flowersParachutesEach flowerHas a manOr a woman attachedThey are swingingDunglingIn the sky2.In the countrysideYou make wineYou take oneWhole monthTo make wineTo make the wineWhich will serveTo honor the guestsThe friendsThe laughterAnd the joyLived togetherYou also distillWheatIt gets high temperatureHigh is the alcohol degreeOf your firewaterHigher than we normally knowYou laughBecause you have knownAll those magic thingsFor 3000 years3.Do you like poetryDo you like filmsYour life is a filmYou can watch at itI can watch at itA simple strongLifeYou nourish yourselfOf the poetryOf lifeOf natureNature’s skinIs your skinAnd you areAs ancient as I amSo we understandEach other4.Deciding to be a soldierDeciding to liveAn adventurous lifeHow will it beYour lifeYou so peacefulAnd with big blue eyesYou know those ritualsAnd herbsGive you deep visions5.Body swinging in the airLook down !And bless the earth !Blue eyes in the blueFill the airBreath the heightsWho knowsWhat you seeWith your eyesMade foreverInnocent by thisEnormous presenceOf the skyOn your bodyYou know whatLightness isFor sure6.You look for a womanYou look for herAs if it wasA beautiful flowerAnd you don’tRun away from herYou know howTo give her foodTo make her happyTo give her calmAnd love protectionYour flesh knowsWhat is sacredAnd the sacredEnters the fleshAnd makes itBecomeRed like gold7.Together with friendsDrinkingAnd laughingSomeone betrayed youBut the SaintIs with youWithinAnd you can laughWhile you are thinkingAbout usingYour gunProperlyVoices and laughterInterrupt your thinkingWhich will notThink againTonightYou careFor antiquityYou smileYour swordIs gentleAnd pitiless

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