TUBAL THE SINGER-KILLER by The Masquerade: Crepuscular Entity – Innocent but Guilty – Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi

Lyrics & voice Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi

You search for God
I know
Or you avoid God
It’s the same
You search for schemes
For patterns
For images
Of you
Which are
Next to Him
Or at His opposite
You limit
To what is allowed
You are socially correct
You want to be
For what
You think
You are
For what you believe
You have to be
Your mind is so narrow
Your limits
Never you will
Get your goal
You better be
And unknown
To anyone
Life will flow
Will flow
I’m the full of life
I’m the full of energy
You cry constantly
You cannot feel
The flow of life
Going through
Your body
Going through yourself
To the others
To the field
What you can’t see
What you are hesitant
To admit
The force you have
And you disdain
Comes to me
I attract the force that
You don’t use
This invisible
So real

I Will make your life
You’ll never understand
Since you have not
Been reached
By mysteries
You cannot
Drink from
The source of life
The mountain
Of will
Falls over you
You are now dead
Who was the
The most lively
The most precious
You are offering
Your means to me

I was not chosen
In the sky
But just like you
I made my river
Be aspired
And now
It’s me
Just sitting here
Under black glasses
In the sun
With some music
With some dance
Drinking your
Hesitating life
Till the bottom
With a

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