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Welcome, this is an experience. The Italian poetess Antonella Porcelluzzi and the German musician-painter Michael Schaffer meet, to create an electronic ambient that aims to serve as a source of liberation for the listeners. Schaffer also writes esoteric and philosophical essays, and this can also be seen in some choices for the final result: the album is called « The secret circle » and consists of seven tracks, and certainly the choice of seven is not random.

Released by Opa Loka Records, « The secret circle » opens with « Repeat it many times », a humid environment where Porcelluzzi recites a few words slowly (in English). While the poet becomes more talkative in « Deities », talking about goddesses, colors, corpses, terrifying visions and strong symbolism, in this quarter of an hour, with threatening sounds. Around the tenth minute, Antonella dwells on a detail, repeated as a mantra: « Celestial eyes », and then whispers several times « repeat this », while the sound setting begins to include ritual bells.

Given what I heard so far, reading the third title worries me: « The womb » (the uterus). In fact, the piece starts with severe, static and slow sounds with a glacial tone, inside which Antonella slides with her voice, coming to describe the « phantasmagoria ». If you’re not already restless enough, the fourth track calls fear by its name: « Fear ». Acid sounds pounding and tinkling percussion envelop you, in the momentary silence of the poet. When the sound becomes a soft carpet, Porcelluzzi reappears, followed again by the ritual bells. When she resumes, she speaks of « the highest intellect » and liberation, because, as explained in the press release, the source of inspiration of the duo is the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and it’s about reincarnation, intermediate states, and liberation obtained from meditation and listening.

Overcome the rock of fear and disorientation, in fact, we pass to « Intermediary State », the phase between life and death, where « Karma controls not ». Now the ambient is always dark, but after saying these words, the mind is directed less towards fear, and more towards spiritual introspection, in a focused way. In fact, now sounds assume a less threatening and more psychedelic function. What a spell is this?

The sixth title raises even more, to the next level: « The experience of the bardo » (in the original language, « The Tibetan Book of the Dead » this is called « Bardo Thӧdol Chenmo »). The percussive element here prevails over the relaxed sounds, and these are regular and constant beats of (electronic) woods. The last part of this song is made of vibrant sinister screams, always with a ritual flavor.

The Seventh and last esoteric step can only have a rather explicit title: « Open the door ». Open the doors of perception. The secret circle ends between echoes and Floydian winds, and shows a burning, fiery ending like the fire of consciousness. Here, as Just Mick (Michele Odelli) often repeats, liberation comes from within, from mindfulness exercises, and many other beautiful things. And « The secret circle » is to be ascribed to this inner search. (Gilberto Ongaro)


TRANSLATION : The collaboration of the Italian poet, filmmaker and musician Antonella Porcelluzzi and the German painter, musician and poet Michael Schaffer resulted in the album, « The Secret Cycle ». A work inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead which describes the various states of consciousness and perception during the period between death and reincarnation. The agony of a soul after-death is treated by trying ensure a higher new animal/human reincarnation. Based on the motto « Liberation by Listening », the duo works ritualistically, chanting mantra through ambient electronic clouds, as a darker and less rhythmic variant of Dead Can Dance.

******* Bonjour Nous souhaitons acquérir votre CD « The secret circle »pour le fonds de la médiathèque de Sélestat.

Fango Radio
Suoni dalla Pattumiera astrale
14.07.2021, 15:00
www.fangoradio.com   Mári Mákó – Homecoming
Matt Christensen – Where Does My Mind Go?
Sorry For Laughing – Obsolesce
Dead Melodies – The Sacred Scroll
Gaap Kvlt – Naje Haje
Porter Ricks – Nautical Dub
John Duncan & Stefano Pilia – The Reprisal
RhaD – Tape manipulation of 1998 radio recordings
Susan Howe & David Grubbs – Concordance (excerpt)
Vidna Obmana – Until The Glowering Space 1
Gabriele Gasparotti – Notte e Nebbia
Leila Abdul-Rauf – Distortions In Phantasy II (Consumption)
Tomasz Sroczynski – Adagio
A. E. Porcelluzzi / M. Schaffer – Intermediary State

our disk in a sound-installation at the GALERIA BRUII, POnta DElgada, St. Miguel, Azores Islands

the sound was audible in a natural cave near to the gallery

Radio Regent The Moderns

David Haney – Circadian World Clock 2019 – 9am Terce – (The Early Days) Copenhagen, Denmark_ Tel Aviv, Israel_ Siem Reap, Cambodia 0.00
Attacca Quartet – More Love Less Hate 1.47
Christina Petrowska Quilico – Preludes Book Two – VI. Ondine (Water nymph) 3.24
Stanley Grill – Transfiguration (For Four Violas) – III. Andantino 6.06
Broeckaert Berweck Lorenz – Strilento 9.11
Pruski – Stroll 25.46
Modelbau – Sunrise Radio 32.47
bleed Air – Yahiko 36.39
Porcelluzzi / Schaffer – Intermediary State 37.23
Fumbata – Emerging Archetype 41.53
Booker Stardrum – Fury Passage 46.49
Nathan McLaughlin – Your Velcro Shoes 49.50
Sailcloth – Little Sleeper 52.35
Dave Phillips – a life saved is a death postponed 55.23
Ayumi Ishito & The Spacemen – Misspoke 1.01.33
Aar & Dag – LKOOTAA 1.04.40
Jon Irabagon – Anthropology 1.09.30
Matias Riquelme – Cool Gale 1.10.41
James Batty – Exodus 1.16.08
Oda Dyrnes – Zoe Efstathiou – Ammos 1.20.05
A Journey of Giraffes – Color Fishing 1.32.38
Chorchill – The Hamlet Escape 1.37.22
Natalia Valencia Zuluaga – Journey Through the Glass 1.38.34
Robin Barnick – Part II 1.41.08
Endurance – Spheres 1.50.22
Danny Scott Lane – Purple 1.53.40
Ryan J Raffa – Circling 1.54.58
Foodman – Iriguchi 1.56.59
Hiro Kone – Nomad ft. Travis 1.58.26
Trentemøller – No One Quite Like You (feat. Tricky) 2.04.00
Mattia Prete & Alberto Fiori – The Bright Side 2.08.38
Album – La derniere 2.13.17
Meridian – Varan 2.16.08
Robert Gerard Pietrusko – UTM 39N 2.20.54
The Crossing – Of Nights and Solace, Fantasia on Andalusian Muwashshah Poetry – III. Forsaken 2.26.19
Rrill Bell – I. The Return 2.33.32
Catherine Lamb – Intersum 2.48.34



Radio Gwendolyne
Argonauta 08.06.2021

Iron and wine – calm on the valley
Iron and wine – why hate winter
Sorry For Laughing – A Howl in the Park
Sorry For Laughing – Anti-Hymn
Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Good To My Girls
Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Not Fooling
Magic Castles – Ode to the Wind
Magic Castles – Valley of Nysa
Margit Myhr | Erlend Apneseth – Min Gud jeg prise vil med flid
Margit Myhr | Erlend Apneseth – Valdrisen
Okkyung Lee – Mountains
Okkyung Lee – Pisces
Porcelluzzi / Schaffer – Fear
Porcelluzzi / Schaffer – The Experience of the Bardo
Eva Lindal & Virg Dzurinko – Nostalgia
Eva Lindal & Virg Dzurinko – Il Mare

Don Campau est avec Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi.

t1S7 Shtaponsjouighredfnh  · Experimental music tonight! ( Thursday 6-17-21) on « No Pigeonholes EXP on KOWS,That’s kowsfm.com at 6PM Pacific .

Photos: Lauren Sarah Hayes, Katya Shirshkova

No Pigeonholes EXP 6-17-21broadcast on KOWS Radiokowsfm.comhosted by Don Campaudoncampau.com

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