« the velocity of velocity » published by Opa Loka


AntonellaEYE Porcelluzzi radically rewrote texts by Mina Loy and Theresa of Avila, and interpreted them in accord with the musical language of Deaf Society. A few short qoutes from wikipedia: Mina Loy (1882 – 1966), was a British artist, writer, poet, playwright, novelist, futurist, feminist. Saint Teresa of Ávila (1515 –1582), was a prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun and author during the Counter Reformation, and theologian of contemplative life through mental prayer. « Music enhances the possibilities to express the poetic message, and connects to all ancient traditions where poetry was always sung or told on music, by linking music rhythm and verses rhythmic. The Velocity of Velocities », I liked to work on old texts and rewrite, modify them in the sense of current issues, and link them to Ivan’s tech-music, drones and machine ambient. This experimental lust is very present in our record. Working with Ivan was very interesting in terms of alchemy, since we arrived in a short time to an instinctive reciprocal comprehension, his contribution and mine mixing to create further mystery and deepness than I had normally reached with my texts and voice. The result of our common efforts was suddenly amazing. »

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